Our Piping and Drumming Forum and Workshops are held in partnership with the National Piping Centre.

Here are some short films drawn from the sessions.


Dr Rachel Drury – Working with mixed ability groups

Rachel Drury led an interactive session providing practical and research-based approaches to working with groups of mixed abilities.

Rachel is a researcher and creative artist working predominantly in the field of music education and psychology. She specialises in music education for early years and for children with additional support needs. She is currently Musician in Residence at Rachel House children’s hospice in Kinross. Rachel has devised and delivered a number of creative projects for national arts organisations such as Scottish Opera, Children’s Classic Concerts, Enterprise Music Scotland and Starcatchers. Rachel is a Lecturer in Learning and Teaching on the MEd and undergraduate programmes at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She delivers a variety of research lectures and training events across the UK.


Jono Heale – Hearing Protection

Formerly a professional musician, Jono suffers from hearing loss, and is passionate about the need to protect young people from the effects of loud music on their hearing.


Patrice Berque – Musculoskeletal disorders

Chartered physiotherapist Patrice Berque outlined some of the musculoskeletal disorders that can affect musicians and advice on preventative measures. Patrice specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders and injuries affecting performing artists. He is also involved in academic research in the field of performing arts medicine, health promotion and prevention of playing-related musculoskeletal disorders. Patrice’s own career was curtailed by focal dystonia of the embouchure muscles.


Mike Nicholson – Committees and Fundraising

Mike Nicholson is a Fundraising researcher and proposal writer for charities. He discussed how to make the case for support, where to find support and how to access Gift Aid.