New Covid-19 Fund 

SSPDT has set up a new, fast track Fund to help pay for online piping and drumming lessons for families who are finding it difficult to afford their child’s usual piping and drumming lessons – now being offered online by their tutor – due to the impact of Covid-19 on income. The Fund aims to support pupils to be able to continue to learn, despite the effects of Covid-19 on their families.  The Fund also aims to support self-employed tutors maintain their income during this difficult time by helping to maintain pupil numbers.

Read and fill out the Covid Fund Guidelines and Application Form to apply.


Online Teaching

You may be interested to see, and to follow, SSPDT’s policy guidelines which we have developed with and for our staff who are piping and drumming tutors. These safeguard both tutors and pupils and must be overseen and approved by the tutor’s line manager or organisation/ school that engages them.

Instructors that teach young people up to the age of 18 online via Skype, Zoom or another online service must:

  • Agree in writing, in advance, all online teaching with their line manager, including names of pupils and times and dates of lessons.
  • Ensure that there is ALWAYS a responsible adult in the room with the pupil during online teaching.
  • Ensure that the room where the pupil is taught is a shared family space in the house, e.g. lounge.
  • Ensure that parents and carers agree in writing (this can be by email), in advance, that a responsible adult will be present at all times during online teaching.
  • Ensure that the responsible adult knows when the lessons begin and end (and confirms this in writing with the instructor, to avoid emails being sent but not received or not read by the pupil’s responsible adult).
  • Limit contact with pupils online to times that have been agreed by the pupil’s responsible adult.
  • Under no circumstances contact a pupil on a one-to-one basis online at any time other than at teaching times agreed with the pupil’s responsible adult.

These guidelines that we are using in-house may change and improve and we will let you know if they do.


Useful links:

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You may find it useful to know that some tutors are taking the following measures when teaching. If you have more ideas to share to support your colleagues, please get in touch.

  1. Tutor and pupils are hand washing before each lesson.
  2. Pipers must keep to their own instrument and not share pipes or chanters and be aware of how you are treating reeds, etc.
  3. Pipers must not empty water-traps onto the floor.
  4. When maintaining pipes, all tissues and any materials used must be disposed of safely and hygienically.
  5. In the light of government advice that recommends avoiding non-essential contact, band practice is cancelled, as are committee meetings and all other non-essential social contact.


For more information and updates:


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