Callum is regularly piping and has recently become an SSPDT volunteer.

Back in August 2015, Callum and some of his fellow students at McLaren High School set out to start a school pipe band. Within 18 months the McLaren High School Pipe Band placed 2nd in the debut category at SSPDT’s Scottish School’s Pipe Band Championships in March 2017 and won the prestigious Endeavour Award. By the time Callum had left the school, the band consisted of nearly 20 members and they had raised over £11,000 in order to employ two extra music tutors to teach at the high school and all 13 feeder primary schools. Additional funding was provided by SSPDT to support the band; over £19,000 over three years was awarded in 2017 to go towards tuition costs and pipe band workshops.

Looking back at these successes, Callum comments “The band’s progression from nothing to a hugely valuable school and community asset was a source of immense pride for me, and to see the band in such a strong position and with so much potential yet to be realised was extremely pleasing. I will never forget the feeling of marching with the newly formed band through Callander town centre as part of the local remembrance commemorations and how proud we all felt to be able to represent our school and be part of such a significant community event.”

Callum is now in his second year at the University of Edinburgh, studying International Relations. He is still regularly piping with his local band, Doune Pipe Band, and with the University Officer Training Corps Pipe Band. He busks and performs at paid gigs, which he notes is the perfect way for him to make money as a student.  He has also recently become a volunteer for SSPDT so watch this space!