The SSPDT Music Enterprise Award is an entrepreneurship award programme for young pipers. Currently the Award is in its pilot phase; we hope to be able to introduce the opportunity to more schools programmes that use our loaned pipes, in the future.

The Award was set up with two main ideas in mind:

Firstly, many young people learn to play on borrowed pipes, and cannot afford their own set of pipes which cost £700 or more.  Without their own pipes, a young person is likely to stop playing at the stage where they move on to start work, training or further education and have to hand back their borrowed pipes.  However, if a young piper owns their own instrument, they can continue to play and a lifetime of music-making is possible, enriching their own lives and the life of the community around them.  Students at college can help fund their studies by playing the pipes at events and by busking.  Piping opens up a wide friendship network through events and performance, and can even pave the way to foreign travel.

The second idea behind the Music Enterprise Award is that young people can develop transferable skills, and develop confidence, that will boost their journey towards work, training and further education.   With the support of people around them, and a volunteer Mentor to show them the way, a young person will build really useful skills on their Music Enterprise Award journey – skills that include teamwork, planning, organising, and professional engagement with companies and organisations.

At the end of the Award when the young person has raised £500 through a variety of activities, they receive a set of pipes to keep – valued at over £700.  This Award builds on the free bagpipe lending programme run by the Scottish Schools Pipes and Drums Trust.  Currently in its pilot phase, we hope to offer the Music Enterprise Award to more young people.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Mentor we would love to hear from you: please contact [email protected]