The Scottish Schools Pipes and Drums Trust exists partly to protect and expand our musical heritage. More importantly it exists to give young people opportunities to develop a unique set of skills that will stay with them for life. The dedication, discipline and teamwork needed to be part of a successful pipe band match the attributes needed to be successful elsewhere in life, learning and work.

Here are our top 10 reasons to start a pipe band in your school or community.

  1. Widespread research shows that learning to play an instrument helps to develop numeracy, literacy, social and fine motor skills.
  2. School pipe bands encourage skills for life, learning and work. For example teamwork, perseverance, camaraderie and confidence, and a sense of discipline and dress.
  3. School pipe bands help pupils to achieve positive destinations after school. For instance, in work, training or advanced education.
  4. The pipes and drums are very popular in schools, regardless of location; in a typical secondary school and its cluster primary schools, between 100 and 160 pupils will choose to take part.
  5. School pipe bands provide positive role models and friendships between pupils of different ages and from different schools
  6. School pipe bands offer a supportive structure from primary through to secondary school, so assist pupils through transition.
  7. Doors to travel can be opened through competition in Scotland and performance abroad.
  8. Piping and drumming enrich people’s lives over a lifetime. Most pipers and drummers tend not to put away their instruments when they leave school, so go on to play in community settings.
  9. School pipe bands build positive and respectful relationships with communities.
  10. School pipe bands strengthen communities and culture by providing new players for inter-generational pipe bands and other ensembles.


To find out more about what we can do to support your school or community, have a look at our latest Annual Review and learn more about who we have supported over the last year.