Most band members and supporters will already be familiar with fundraising and these funding sources, but we hope you might find one or two ideas here that are new to you.



Foundation Scotland

This organisation represents many grant funders and is worth exploring.  If you would like someone at SSPDT to read your funding application and to suggest some additional supporting information before you submit it, please get in touch.

Funding Scotland

This is a free website that you can use to search for grants.  There you will find local and regional funders, as well as major funders that have supported other youth bands including:

Large businesses often channel their donations through charitable foundations; these include high street banks and supermarkets such as Santander, Bank of Scotland, Co-op, and Scotmid.  Some banks and other companies run schemes whereby they match funds raised by an employee.  Of course smaller local businesses will often make a donation, or sponsor a band too.  It is always a useful exercise to find out what companies your supporters and parents work for and ask them to find out what community support is available.

Windfarms and coalfield regeneration trusts support local community projects.

Firms of solicitors are often entrusted to manage charitable Trusts that distribute grants for the benefit of the community.  It is worthwhile approaching solicitors in your area to find out if there are any funds that could support your band.  Councils also often manage Trusts that distribute grants on behalf of local people who have left money for the community in their Will.

Most regional Councils have Local Area Committees governed by your local councillors, that give grants to projects in their area.


Become a charity

Many funders will only support registered charities.  If you would like to link with other band support committees that became charities, please get in touch.



One of the best sources of support, because it can last for a long time, is annual sponsorship.  In return for some publicity and performances, a sponsor can remain a loyal supporter over many years.



Of course, paid gigs for events and organisations are one of the main ways that established bands raise funds.


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