We award cash grants, offer guidance, and loan bagpipes.  Most of our support is for piping and drumming tuition that takes place in state schools during the school day, and for schools pipe bands.  Our contribution is flexible with the overall aim of developing and supporting well managed and sustainable programmes.

Our support falls broadly into the four categories below.

START UP Funding

This package of guidance, and one-off funding of up to £10,000, enables programmes to get started in areas where most families can afford a modest fee towards tuition. We pay for first year costs such as a free Kick Start weekend and tutor demonstration workshops. Thereafter the majority of tuition fees continue to be covered through parental contribution, and the steering group organises fundraising for other costs. Contact us to find out more.

Match Funding for up to Three Years

In areas where tuition needs to be free, or at a subsidised rate of between £1 and £4 per lesson, an organisation or steering group must first raise funds and then apply to us for match funding. In these cases, our grant awards are usually less than £10,000 per annum (in exceptional cases up to £20,000). We can help set up a steering group and give guidance about running a tuition and pipe band programme. Contact us to find out more.

Open Grant Fund

You can apply to our Open Grant Fund for a one-off cash award up to the value of £5,000. We usually match fund. You can apply for the costs of instruments, workshops, and activities on and off school premises.

To apply read the Open Grant Guidelines then send us your completed Open Grant Application Form.


Bagpipe Lending

We also lend bagpipes for a period of up to three years to organisations that provide tuition during school time. In some cases we will provide cash grants as well as instrument loan.

To apply send us your completed Bagpipe Loan Application Form.